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Monday, December 22, 2008

9:34:36 PM

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  Wireless Home Security System
  Crime is one of the world’s oldest social problems. Almost every generation had felt itself threatened by increasing crime and violence. However, no country has yet developed completely reliable methods for measuring the volume and trend of crime. Countries vary greatly in their definition of crime and in the reliability of their crime statistics. Conditions that affect the amount of crime also vary from one country to another. Such conditions include the proportion of people living in cities, the proportion of young and old people in the population, and the degree of conflict among various cultural, economic, and racial groups.

One basis of comparison is the murder rate in various countries. Most murders are reported to the police, though their definition may vary. In 1988, the number of reported homicides per 100,000 population was 4.5 in Australia, 2 in England and Wales, 0.8 in Indonesia, 1 in the Republic of Ireland, 2 in Malaysia, 2 in Singapore, and 8.4 in the United States. A comparison of the changing crime rates within a country proves more valuable than comparing the rates of two or more countries. Studies show that crime rates for both violent crimes and property crimes are rising in most countries. For example, from 1975 to 1985, the violent crime rate in the United Kingdom increased 60 percent and the property crime rate increased 55 percent. During the same period, the violent crime rate in the United States increased 15 percent, but the property crime rate decreased 3 percent.

The cost of crimes to its victims is impossible to determine accurately. Any estimate based on existing data will probably underestimate the cost considerably. For example, a dishonest business scheme may cost consumers or investors vast sums of money, but no records are kept of such losses. Similarly, there is no way to determine the profits to the crime syndicate of drug sales, gambling, loan-sharking, and prostitution. The cost of crime prevention and control measures us also difficult to determine. Law enforcement and criminal justice agencies also deal with many non-criminal matters, such as traffic control. But we should always remember that the security of each and every home should be prioritize first because it is the very first place where young ones spend most of their time learning, growing and discovering the world.

In crime prevention, companies who are of real concern have created and produced home security devices. Before, there was the existence of the wired devices but in considering the nature of many crimes, they have already come up with the wireless home security devices.
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