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California Neighborhoods Security

Every Saturday morning my friend Sara and I meet up for coffee downtown to chat and gossip about the events of the last week. I enjoy this time away from the housework and other mundain chores that take up a weekend, but Sara has one flaw: she likes to brag. Whether it’s about something good or bad, she can top you with her story. Last week I made a comment about the noisy barking dogs in my neighborhood. It seems every house on my block owns at least one dog and they take turns barking to drive the area nuts. We’ve learned the different barks and can tell when a kid is sneaking through the alley or there is a rabbit in a yard. I mentioned that a dog barking the night before had kept me up to Sara when she informed me that her she used to have that problem. Of course she was very disturbed by the noise so she complained every time a dog barked to the police so eventually all her neighbors kept their pets indoors. I thought that seemed a bit drastic. After all, I own a dog and realize that it needs time outdoors to release energy so it doesn’t destroy my house. Also, I live in California and I don’t own an ADT Home Security system, so I have to have a dog.

California ADT Home Security System Aid in neighborhoods

That was last week’s conversation topic. This week, she arrived at the coffee shop in disarray, well, as much as she could be. She was eager to tell me all about how upset she was that there had been a couple of break-ins on her street. She was appalled because she lived in a “good” neighborhood. Everyone had a big house, no kids played in the streets and no dogs were outside barking. I quietly sat there biting my tongue every time she implied that her street was better than mine. I finally asked her “Is there anything on your street that would deter or scare away a burglar?” Apparently not. Not a single house on the block has a California ADT Home Security System because they thought it would be a waste of time in such a good neighborhood. I had to laugh. She didn’t understand until I explained there is a difference between living in a safe neighborhood and her neighborhood. I took her on a field trip to my street. We got out of the car and just walked down the street. There were kids playing on the sidewalk, dogs tied up in yards, and people outside doing yard work. We just walked down the street and then back up the alley. I asked her to count how many times her presence was noticed. By the time we got back to the car she had counted fifteen. Then we drove to her street and did the same thing. Everyone was shut up in their houses. If we had been noticed, we didn’t. But I was able to see into these gorgeous houses to pick out large TVs or other valuables. By the end of our trip, she began to realize why I don’t mind the barking dogs or the playing children. They are my California ADT Home Security System They are the first to sound an alarm if something is wrong.

I am eager to see what she has to say over coffee next week. Maybe she will have installed a California ADT Home Security System? It’s odd how the older crowd at the coffee shop often says that when they were younger it was a better and safer time. But then I think about how people used to spend their time: kids playing outside, neighbors watching out for each other, people sitting on the front porch. We now live in a backyard society where we don’t want anyone to see what we are doing or to invite anyone in. This lack of a neighborhood or community is what is causing the rise in the need for home security systems. So unless you live in the 1950s, it’s time to take your safety into your own hands and protect yourself with a California ADT Home Security System.

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