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Residential Home Security Tips

Moving into a new house or apartment is a fun and exciting time. Over the last ten years I’ve moved at least once a year. All that moving has taught me some valuable lessons. The first thing I do when I arrive in the new place is to hang curtains or blinds over the windows. It may sound silly, but when it gets dark, this to make the place feel like home faster when you’re standing in a room filled with boxes.

Residential Home Security Tip Repair

There is another very important reason to close your blinds: someone could be watching to see what you have. Moving day is like window shopping for criminals. Some will pretend to play ball or do automotive repair outside to watch you unload the truck to see what you have. It is important to pack electronics in unlabeled boxes so these people don’t know what you have. It is harder to hide big screen TVs, but that is why it is important to cover your tracks. If you purchase a big TV or just move one in, be sure to destroy the box. Don’t leave it at the curb for the waste management team to pick up. This is an advertisement to anyone who passes by that you have a big screen TV and might invite them to try to make it theirs.

Residential Home Security Tip Burglars

Burglars have admitted to checking out their targets by walking down the street after dark to see into open windows to see what is available. For this reason it is important to close your shades as it starts to get dark. I realize this can be disappointing because it limits the airflow and it’s nice to watch the sunset. However, personal safety and the safety of your home is far more important than being able to look out. If you do want to watch the sunset, stand by the window. This will give you a great view while blocking the view into your home. You will also be able to see if there is anyone outside scoping out the neighborhood.

Residential Home Security Tips Technology

Technology allows us to let our friends into every aspect of our lives. We can stay constantly connected with Facebook updates and Twitter. Yet it is very important that we don’t completely open ourselves up to strangers. The most important place to keep them out of is our homes. So before moving day, or right now, go out and get some sort of window coverings. In college I learned that old sheets from Goodwill work just fine for temporary protection.

Residential Home Security Tips market

Technology has also helped us in the home security systems market. Home security systems expert have studied all aspects of criminals and overtime perfect the home security system. With all of the moving I have done over the years I would only purchase a home with a home security system in place.

Residential Home Security Tips evolved

Home security systems have evolved over the last 10 years. When I first entered the housing market home security systems did not have the elaborate monitoring solutions they offer today. If home security systems experts get an opportunity they can come into your home and custom install a home security system for your needs.

From an unbiased opinion I would choose ADT as good home security systems dealer. I’ve had the luxury of trying other home security systems and from my experience ADT offers the best product.

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